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European Bakery

European Bakery - Sourdough Breads (Assorted Varieties)

European Bakery - Sourdough Breads (Assorted Varieties)

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European Bakery's fine family of sourdoughs are born out of their 15 year-old 100% naturally cultivated starter, feed and nurtured daily. 

European Bakery sourdoughs have a distinct flavour and texture and we make a broad range of sourdough products from the crusty Italian sourdough to the hugely popular Multigrain, full of seeds and grains, dense in texture but not heavy to eat.  All of their sourdoughs are long fermented and helps break down the flour and releases its full nutrition. This process aids the nutrient dense characteristics of our German rye and dark rye sourdough yet remains soft in texture but rich in flavour.  Our outstanding walnut and fruit sourdoughs work equally well with sweet or savoury pairings.

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