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Hislops - Honey (Assorted Flavours)

Hislops - Honey (Assorted Flavours)

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Blue Borage - The Blue Borage Honey is a honey produced from the nectar of a little blue wild flower: the Blue Borage. This honey is from the Clarence Valley – a high country wilderness region of inland Kaikoura. In this valley, the borage plant (also known as “Vipers Bugloss”) thrives. Having a delicate flavour it is ideal as a substitute for sugar drinks, cooking, etc.

Honey Dew - This honey is from the mountain Beechforests of Kaikoura. A unique – stonger flavour. As dew on the tree bark it is secreted via whiskers from scale insects which feed on the tree sap. Bees collect and store this dew like fluid, so called Honeydew.

This honey has been certified to an internationally recognised ORGANIC standard.

100% from South Island, New Zealand

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