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Seleno Health

Seleno Health - Maca Nibs

Seleno Health - Maca Nibs

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Activated Maca nibs are heat-activated sun-dried roots that have been shredded into small nib size fragments. Perfect for adding to cereal, granola, sprinkling on top of your smoothies or bowls or just crunching on a mouthful. Ready to eat with no cooking required, they are packed with macamides and therapeutic grade.

Our authentic Peruvian organic maca nibs are personally sourced by us from our farm in the mountains of Junin, Peru. It is organic certified and ethically sourced direct farm to table. All the steps we take are to create a sustainable method of trade that benefits all involved.

Once harvested our maca is naturally dried for 3 months at altitude, then activated (pressure heated) to remove the starch and bacteria, making it ready to eat.


Taken daily Organic Maca nibs may have the ability to: 

Boost energy

Boost vitality

Fight Fatigue

Balance hormones

Improve mood

Improve thyroid function

Reduce menopausal symptoms

Enhance male and female health

Reduce stress

Improve cognitive function and mental wellbeing


Product details: Pack size – 300g.

Ideal serving size: 1-2 tsp per day for optimum therapeutic benefit.


Add to porridge, cereal, granola, smoothies, smoothie bowls, tea, juices, frappes, or use in cooking and baking.

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