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Branch Creek

Branch Creek - Clover Blend Raw Honey (Assorted Sizes)

Branch Creek - Clover Blend Raw Honey (Assorted Sizes)

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Raw single source clover blend honey, natures liquid gold.

Our raw honey is the same blend as our creamed honey but unlike creamed honey where granulation has been controlled and it’s smooth in texture, raw/runny honey will still naturally granulate over time. Our Raw Honey won a silver medal at the 2022 NZ Artisan Awards and a bronze medal at the 2023 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards.

Raw Clover honey is a mild & delicate tasting honey, perfect for adding to baking, tea/coffee or simply delicious by itself… especially when it comes to fighting a cold or flu!

Our Clover Blend Honey also incorporates unique flavour profiles from other flora found in the Cardrona Valley. These native and introduced plant species give our honey its gorgeous golden colour and sweet but tangy aroma. If the Raw honey has granulated, you can warm gently to return it to a runny consistency.

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